PSA: Doritos Now Come In Enormous 330 Gram Bags

Image: Lifehacker

Observe this photo of two Doritos bags. The Doritos on the right are the large 170g version currently sold at supermarkets. The Doritos on the left are the new "Bigger Bag" version — a 330g behemoth designed for sharing. I think you know which bag to buy the next time you have a hankering for chips and salsa. It's the bigger one. Obs.

Anyone who has ever hosted a party knows the corn chips never last. You typically have to buy two large bags even for small gatherings. Halfway through the sojourn and the snack situation is usually pretty dire: all that's left are a few measly chip crumbs and the droopy cucumber sandwiches your co-host insisted on making.

This is why the Doritos Bigger Bag was invented. As the name suggests, they're Doritos in a bigger bag. How big? It roughly shares the same dimensions as a large human baby. We heartily approve.

You can snap them up from Woolworths for $5.90 in a range of flavours (make ours Cheese Supreme.) At the time of writing, they're also half-price. We advise stocking up for your next house party or backyard barbecue now. You're welcome.


    Now if they only had Cheese Twisties in that size I'd be in a state of ecstasy!

    Or go to Costco and get half-kilo bags. They're truly massive.

    For plain corn chips I like the Mission brand ones and they make 500g bags:

    Doritos USED to come in 240g bags. Then they steadily dropped the amount. So now they are going the other way to make a profit.

    It not exactly news, the bags have been available for months.

    Apple released a new iPhone if you want to cover that, and Samsung have issues with their new model.

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