How Small Businesses Can Beat Big Companies At Recruiting The Right Employees

How Small Businesses Can Beat Big Companies At Recruiting The Right Employees

As a small business owner, you may not be able to offer a salary to employees that large organisations can afford. But money isn’t everything and your business could appeal to potential workers in a variety of different ways.

Over at Entrepreneur, Chris Rush, head of the small business division at human resource company ADP, talked about the recruitment struggles small businesses face. He said small businesses can offer opportunities to potential employees that big companies cannot:

“Every small business offers unique employment opportunities and those opportunities can be more appealing to some employees than what they might find in larger corporations. Understanding your company’s advantages — and communicating them clearly during the application and interview processes — can help you attract the right person for your business and compete effectively for talent.

These advantages include less bureaucracy, broader job responsibilities, room for growth, flexibility and a level of closeness with other members of the business.

You can read more about this over at Entrepreneur.

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  • Respect is a big one. A large multinational hired me for certain skills, then didnt use them and treated us all like cattle. Being appreciated and being given an opportunity to make positive change is a huge thing. I am so much happier with my 40% pay cut and an end of year bbq in a shed rather than a formal ball full of old boys club cronies and douchebags. Now the flexibility of this small company has won a contract on a world class project, I am doing cooler stuff than the multinational could ever offer me.

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