Do You Still Make Any Of These Basic Photoshop Errors?

Do You Still Make Any Of These Basic Photoshop Errors?

The first time you picked up Photoshop, I’m sure you made some criminally bad decisions with filters and effects. We all did. It’s the natural result of learning via trial and error. But have you completely excised your novice Photoshop habits? Here are ten you definitely shouldn’t be doing.

Nathaniel Dodson over at Tutvid has compiled a clip covering ten of the worst things you can do with Photoshop. For all its power, it’s still very possible to use the photo-editing program in terrible, unspeakable ways.

Let’s take the bevel / emboss effect. True, when used properly, it’s an amazing tool, but it’s much, much easier to stuff it up. And when you do, your work goes from super professional, to the front cover of a eight-year-old’s birthday invitation.

“That’s an obvious one”, you might say. How about the sharpen filter? You might think it makes your photos look edgy and crisp, but go too far and it’s just wrong. Really, really wrong.

Image: Nathaniel Dodson

Check out the clip for more Photoshop faux pas, or if video isn’t your thing, Dodson has a written version available on his site.

10 Things You Must Avoid Doing in Photoshop CC [YouTube, via PetaPixel]


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