Build Your Own All-In-One, Cyberpunk Inspired Computer

Build Your Own All-In-One, Cyberpunk Inspired Computer

Not every project needs to be extremely useful, sometimes, it's just about making something cool. Case in point, over on Node, they show you how to put together a cyberpunk-inspired computer from an old Commodore case and a Raspberry Pi.

The project here is inspired by a cyberdeck from Shadowrun, and built using a Raspberry Pi, small LCD screen, a number of various parts, and the case from a Commodore 64c. The screen itself actually slides in and out, so you can wire the whole system up to actual monitor too if you prefer. Head over to Node for the guide to make this amazing little machine for yourself.

How to Create a Cyberdeck64 [Node]


    I wanna know where I'm going to find a Commodore case!

    Ebay. They're everywhere from $20 upwards. I typed in commodore 64 and got over 2100 results. Good luck if you choose to give it a go :)

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