Wire A Raspberry Pi Zero Directly Into A Power Supply For A Low-Profile Computer

The Pi Zero is awesome because it’s so small, but it still requires all kinds of cables and chargers. Over on NODE, they show off how to build the Pi Zero into a USB hub and power supply for an all-in-one computer.

The idea here is to turn you Pi Zero into an always-on computer that doesn’t require a bunch of cables to work. It’s a simple enough project that uses the official Raspberry Pi power supply, a USB hub, and some Sugru. Basically, you’ll just stick all the components together, plug it in, then call it a day. The USB hub means you can attach additional accessories when you need them, or just use it as a computer you can plug into any wall outlet.

The Pi Zero Power Case [YouTube]


  • The Raspberry Pi Zero would be more awesome if it were available here in Australia. The $5 Advertised price is an absolute joke considering it is always out of stock, limited one per person and only sold through about four dealers in the USA and UK.

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