Ask LH: What’s A Useful Tool For Collaborating On A Writing Project?

Ask LH: What’s A Useful Tool For Collaborating On A Writing Project?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m collaborating with a friend on a writing project and are wondering if there is an online cloud app that would allow us to work together on material. We are after something that would allow real time communication as well as the ability to post ideas and pages for proofing. Any suggestions? Thanks, It Is Written

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Dear IIW,

There are lots of possible choices here, but two obvious ones: Google Drive and Office Online. Google has a well-deserved reputation for making collaboration on documents easy — you can share any document you are working on and both make edits in real-time.

Office also has similar features in its online version, and its actual text-editing tools are more sophisticated than Google’s, particularly in its mobile apps. So which one you choose may well come to existing experience. If you’re already comfortable in Word, that will be easier to use; if you’re a staunch Google (and Android) user, Google Drive may come out on top.

You could also use Evernote, but recently the company has garnered a bit of a bad reputation after it bumped up the prices of their paid plans and added more limitations to free users.

If readers have other recommendations, we’d love to hear them in the comments. Good luck with the project!


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