Ask LH: Do My Driver’s Licence Restrictions Apply When I Visit A Different State?

Ask LH: Do My Driver’s Licence Restrictions Apply When I Visit A Different State?

Dear LH,

I have my Provisional 1 (P1) licence in NSW and my highest speed limit is 90km/hr. When driving in Queensland do I still have to stick with my 90km/hr limit or can I do the speed limit? – Alex

Hi Alex,

Road rules are confusing as it is. The fact that these rules differ in each state doesn’t make things easier. When you go interstate, you are meant to follow the road rules that are in place in the state or territory that you’re in.

Sorry to burst your bubble Alex, but if you’re on a P1 drivers licence in NSW and you go to Queensland, the restrictions you have on your licence still apply. That includes your 90km/hr maximum speed limit.

According to the Queensland Government:

When driving in Queensland under your valid interstate or overseas licence you must:

  • only drive the class of motor vehicle authorised on that licence
  • comply with the conditions (if any) of your licence
  • show your licence to a police officer when asked to do so.

Transport for NSW has clarified that you must abide by all restrictions that apply to the state’s learner and provisional licences even when you drive interstate:

“All licence conditions and restrictions that apply in NSW to both learner and provisional drivers and riders will also apply to them when they drive or ride OUTSIDE of NSW in all Australian States and Territories including their novice driver speed limits.”

If you are permanently relocating to another state, it’ll be worth converting your driver’s licence over to match whatever state or territory you’re going to live in. You can usually do this after you’ve spent a certain amount of time in the particular state that you’re moving to. Just contact your local roads and traffic authority to find out about the process because, as with road rules, it differs from state to state.

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  • If you’re a NSW P or L plate driver you’re subjected to those stupid restrictions no matter where you go. However, you’re very unlikely to ever get pulled over in Victoria or Queensland for speeding if you’re doing the speed limit, because everybody outside of NSW knows how daft those laws are and won’t enforce them.

    If you’re a QLD or VIC P or L plate driver visiting NSW, you can do the speed limit just like everybody else. Thus not needlessly holding everyone else on the road up and subjecting yourself to a greater chance of getting into an accident by doing 20km/h less than the limit, the way that your NSW licensed peers are forced to do so (google: Solomon curve).

  • So if I was going to Northern Territory, where there’s a speed limit of 70km/h for Learners, but I have a VIC Learners License, I can drive at any speed limit depicted at the zone allocated?

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