Build A USB Hub That Snaps Into A Raspberry Pi Zero

Video: The Raspberry Pi Zero is great, but it’s lacking USB ports. Instructables user Sean Hodgins shares his project that adds four USB ports to the Pi Zero with a cleverly designed little board. The project uses a handful of components, including several USB ports, LEDs, resistors and a custom PCB. Once you have everything, you’ll need to solder it all together and reflow the board. If that’s all too complicated, you can order one for $US20 ($26). The added USB ports beef up the Pi Zero so it’s not much smaller than a standard Raspberry Pi 3, but it’s a slick enough design that it might still be useful for certain projects. Head over to Instructables for the full guide to make it for yourself.

Build a PiAngle! Raspberry pi Zero USB Hub [Instructables]


  • The slimmest, flattest Raspberry Pi has an extender option – that mounts at a right angle.
    Interesting idea, flawed implementation.
    At least the details are available for those who wish to improve the layout.

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