Briefly: IMAX Closes Down, Android’s Hidden Menu, The ‘Hot Single’ Dilemma

Briefly: IMAX Closes Down, Android’s Hidden Menu, The ‘Hot Single’ Dilemma

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: why “hot” girls are still single, how to get an Xbox Onesie, Android’s hidden menu.

  • “How are you single?” It’s a question that’s often asked of highly attractive women who, despite being smart, witty, real and down to earth, don’t have a romantic partner. POPSUGAR explains why “hot” girls are so often single.
  • This week, Xbox discovered a wonderful pun and decided to share it with the world in the form of the multi-pocketed Xbox One-sie (get it?!) Kotaku explains how to get one yourself.
  • Sydneysiders may want to wave goodbye to the iconic Sydney IMAX theatre the next time they’re in Darling Harbour — because it’s about to be demolished. Gizmodo has the story.
  • There’s a hidden menu in Android that lets you unlock experimental features — Business Insider explains how to use it.


  • Most of the girls I know and consider good looking are in relationships. One of my friends is attractive and single. She told me she doesn’t need anyone romantic in her life. One of my other friends (quite some time ago) was single for a long time. Most guys were afraid to talk to her. She was the sort of girl that walked in a room and people of both sexes stopped talking.
    I also know some handsome and single guys. Maybe you should do an article on that next.

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