6 Strange (But Effective) Tips For Job Seekers

By now you should all know the cardinal rules of applying for work: dressing for success, ensuring your application is error-free, and talking about what you can do for the company – rather than what the company can do for you. Sometimes, however, you need to think outside the box and do something a little extra to get you across the line. Here’s what to do.

#1 Be open to new passions

You should always follow your dreams, right? Not necessarily. Surprisingly, studies show the majority of people who love their jobs actually found their passion grew organically alongside their skill and ability. Entry level positions are rarely glamorous. So, as their competence levels grew, so did their love for their jobs.

#2 Ask for help

Being a know-it-all will actually close more doors than it opens. Often the best way to build new relationships is to actually make yourself vulnerable and ask for advice. The trick is knowing who to ask. Try picking someone you genuinely admire and respect, and don’t be afraid to let them know you value their opinion.

#3 Go the easy way

Forget about companies with a gruelling (and lengthy) recruitment process and go for the easy marks.

#4 Fresh start

If you don’t like Mondays, it’s time to put your prejudices aside. Studies show 30 per cent of applications received on Monday proceed to the next level, compared with just 14 per cent of those who lodge on a Saturday. The theory is resumes are more likely to fall through the cracks at the end of the working week (especially on a non-conventional work day).

Take action

Don’t just wait for your dream job to come to you – create the job you want. Scope out the company you want to work for, find an in (networking is usually the best way), get a job within the company and then work out a role that would benefit both you and your employer and go for it.

Listen, look and learn

Listening actively and the art of reading body language are two of the most important (yet undervalued) skills you’ll ever learn. Once you master these talents, not only will you be able to read between the lines, but you’ll even be able to head off misunderstandings and difficulties before they become real issues.

Don’t forget:

  • Be open to new passions
  • Create the job you want
  • Apply on Mondays
  • Go for the easy marks

This article originally appeared on The Naked CEO.

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