IT Jobs On The Rise In Sydney, Perth And Canberra

As ever, it varies depending on your specialty, but demand for IT professionals remains strong and some areas actually saw pay rises, according to the latest quarterly survey from recruitment company Peoplebank.

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Most pay rises in the June-August quarter generally matched CPI increases, and tended to go to people who hadn't seen an increase over the last year, Peoplebank found. So it's not evidence of a massive increase, but it's clearly better than seeing the figures decline. Demand for IT staff has actually risen in Sydney, Perth and Canberra, while it stayed constant in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Peoplebank CEO Peter Acheson highlighted some areas where demand was stronger:

Unlike overseas markets such as Europe, where IT investments reflected a drive to cut costs, Australian enterprises were implementing systems refreshes and upgrades to expand business capacity. This was especially the case in the enterprise and resources sectors, as well as in the utilities sector in NSW and Victoria. This investment in new capabilities was also evident in the types of jobs in hottest demand, such as for IT workers with business analysis, project management .NET and the next generation web skills.



    And this is why I'm moving from Tasmania at the end of the year..

    Actually, this is also happening in some of the more populated regional areas too, i live a few hours south of Perth and have applied for more IT jobs in the last few months than ive seen down here in the last 3 years.

    We're seeing more and more clients wanting IT resumes (we're in Mandurah just south of Perth).

    My brother is located in Europe, late 20's, has a college degree in IT, continues to study and works full-time with one of the market leaders in cloud storage.

    He wants to emigrate to Australia - specifically Perth. Any tips for companies / recruitment agents looking for this type of person with these skills.

      One recruiter comes to mind in particular. They have a wide client base and are a market leader in IT recruitment in the emigration area.

    Breaking news: Australian IT recruitment company says Australian IT recruitment industry is booming.

    And the recruiter is?

    Email me at gaelic(nospace)[email protected](dot)
    com if you don't want to spam the article.

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