CareerSonar Finds You Jobs Through Your Friends' Connections

A friend on social media is often more of a friendly acquaintance, but you can use that to your benefit when seeking out a new job. CareerSonar uses your connections to others to help you find work at companies where your contacts can assist.

First, you log into a social media account or five to connect them to CareerSonar. The web app then searches through those connections for relevant job information and then finds job listings at those companies. You'll get a dashboard with not only a bunch of available jobs, but also who you know that might help you actually get that job. You can then apply and ask a friend for an introduction to help improve your chances.

You get more than a list, of course. If you want to narrow down your listings you can filter by search terms and location. You can also add missing friends and companies that you know have certain connections in the event CareerSonar can't find them through available social media data.

Overall, it works well as a job search site, but it's really nice having that added bonus of knowing someone at a company you might like. Thanks to the vague relationships on social media, you might actually know a few people who can help you that you haven't though of. CareerSonar helps you identify those people and use their help to find better employment.



    Interesting idea

    ^^ you guys really need to investigate the comment moderation system.. this two word post was just flagged, but as usual was able to be gone around by just editing the post.. (as i've reported to you guys before)

    Last edited 20/06/13 2:07 am

    Unfortunately, this site only searches for US-based jobs at the moment.

      Agreed. Absolutely useless.
      "Search suggestions: NOTE: CareerSonar currently shows jobs in the United States only."

      Thanks for nothing Adam. Glad you guys spent your time actually checking before copy-pasting into the Australian site.

      Last edited 03/07/13 9:52 pm

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