Should You Ask Your Boss For Feedback Before Your Performance Reviews?

You shouldn’t wait until your next performance review to find out if your current boss is happy with how you’re tracking at work. It pays to ask for feedback early. Here’s why.

Lauren Brown West-Rosenthal, author and freelance writer, talked about the mistakes she made throughout her prolific career over at work advice blog The Muse. One of them was making assumptions about how she was faring at work without seeking feedback from her superiors:

“After a few years at my first job, some changes took place and I had a brand-new boss. I thought I was doing great before she came on board and that I was on track for a promotion. And then, it was time for our annual reviews, and she told me how very presumptuous I was for thinking I was ready for more responsibility — that I had very specific things to work on before she would even consider it.
“Yes, my boss should have sat down with me before the review if she was that concerned about my performance — but I should have been checking in with her, too.”

There’s no harm in checking in with your boss ever six weeks or so about how you’re tracking professionally, and it doesn’t have to be in any formal kind of way either. Brown West-Rosenthal said a couple of minutes with your superior to review your latest project or look at how you’re interacting with clients to see where you need to improve can make a world of difference.

Getting feedback will not only help you advance your career; it also means you won’t be face with any nasty surprises at your next performance review.

You can read up on Brown West-Rosenthal’s insights on other mistakes she has made in her career and lessons that can be learnt from them over at The Muse.

[Via The Muse]

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