Video Briefly: Dangerous Australian Money, Best Play Of The Day, Weird Things From Japan

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Australian money that can kill, Game Of Thrones wins Play Of The Day, wonderfully weird things that only exist in Japan.

  • Everything in Australia can kill you, including its money. Somebody modified an out-of-circulation Australian coin and put a blade in it. See it for yourself at Gizmodo Australia.
  • For Overwatch players: Game of Thrones always wins Play Of The Day. (*spoiler alert!* But, really, if you don't know what happened in the season six by now then I can't help you.)
  • Only in Japan
  • Mighty fine Assassin's Creed cosplay. Head over to Kotaku Australia to check it out.
  • What happened in the time before history? Find out on Gizmodo Australia.


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