Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted Pokemon GO hacks, credit card advice and 10 movies and TV shows that are like Game Of Thrones. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week.

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  1. You Can Hack Pokemon GO On Jailbroken iOS And Rooted Android PhonesPokemania has swept the nation since Pokemon GO was launched in Australia this week. Thousands of people are rushing outdoors with their phones out, trying to catch digital critters in the wild through the augmented reality (AR) interface. You have to be outside and walking around in order to find and ensnare Pokemon in the game… or do you? If you own a jailbroken iPhone or a rooted Android smartphone, you can become a well-travelled Pokemon Master on GO without taking a single step. Here’s what you need to know.
  2. Is Your Phone Compatible With Pokemon GO?
    Earlier today, Pokemon GO launched on iOS and Android in Australia, bringing offices and classrooms to a standstill around the country. Unfortunately not all phones are created equal, and this means not all phones will run Pokemon GO. Already heartbroken fans are taking to Twitter and Facebook to express their disappointment. Is the mobile game of the year not working on your phone? Here’s why.
  3. 10 More Movies And TV Shows That Are Like Game Of Thrones
    For the last ten weeks, Monday has unanimously become Game of Thrones night — so now that it’s over, what will you sit down to watch after a long day of work? At the end of season four we gave you ten movies and TV shows that could fill that Game of Thrones craving, and now two seasons later we’re back again with ten more.
  4. 7 Things You Should Never Put Onto Credit
    Credit cards can be handy to have — but only if you use them wisely. There are certain things the average consumer should never, ever pay for with their credit cards. Here are seven major culprits.
  5. Everything You Need To Know About The Election Results So Far
    After voting in the federal election on Saturday, Australians were told that the final result wouldn’t be known until at least Tuesday with the possibility of a hung parliament looking increasingly likely. This interactive infographic from the Conversation breaks down how the numbers are falling across the country, with insights into every key seat.
  6. How To See Everything Google Knows About You
    It’s no secret that Google knows a lot about its users. The tech giant collects tons of data about you, including your search history, location, and voice searches that help improve Google’s services and provide relevant ads. However, you might be surprised to know Google can easily take a look at all of the data it has on you. Here’s how you can find out what the tech giant knows about your online habits and personal information.
  7. The Stuff That Costs More When You’re Poor
    Spend less than you earn, save your money, and — poof! — your financial problems are solved. If only it were this easy. Being broke sucks enough on its own, and then there are obstacles that make it extra hard for poor people to fight their way to financial security. For example, here are a few expenses that actually cost more for low-income individuals.
  8. What Is A ‘Hung Parliament’ And How Will A Government Be Formed?
    Neither the prime minister Malcolm Turnbull nor opposition leader Bill Shorten was able to claim victory on election night last weekend. With uncertainty surrounding whether either party will be able to secure a majority of lower house seats, talk has now turned to whether Australia will again have a minority government and a “hung parliament”.
  9. I Paid To Get Rid Of Ads On YouTube And Now My Life Is Way Better
    Last month, Google introduced YouTube Red in Australia, a paid tier for YouTube that removes ads, among other cool features. I’ve been using it ever since launch day What I thought would be a minor reduction in annoyances actually changed how I view and enjoy the internet.
  10. How To Stay Motivated In Life And Work Using The Goldilocks Rule
    It was 1955 and Disneyland had just opened in Anaheim, California when a 10-year-old boy walked in and asked for a job. Labour laws were loose back then and the boy managed to land a position selling guidebooks to visitors for $0.50 a piece.

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