How Well Does Your ISP Rate In The Netflix Speed Battle?

How Well Does Your ISP Rate In The Netflix Speed Battle?
Image: Netflix

How does your ISP stack up against the rest in the Netflix stakes? Well, we could descend into fact-absent bickering or, you know, just check out Netflix’s own stats for Australia’s top service providers. It even has recent data and if you’re a Telstra customer, don’t expect to win any of these debates in the near future.

As you can see in the graph above, Telstra takes last position — and a very healthy placing at that on a lowly 2.48Mb/s. On the other hand, Optus flies high in first with 3.41Mb/s, beating second-placed TPG by 0.22Mb/s.

Before you ask, no, the numbers don’t include cellular streaming — it’s purely broadband and takes into account fibre, cable and regular DSL.

Looking at the yearly data, Telstra’s performance fluctuates the most, with a low of 2.09Mb/s and a high of 2.93Mb/s. Even so, its best score is still worse than everything else, including Dodo.

If you’re wondering how Netflix comes up with these numbers, it’s happy to explain:

The Netflix ISP Speed Index lists the average prime time bitrate for Netflix content streamed to Netflix members during a particular month. For ‘Prime Time’, we calculate the average bitrate of Netflix content in megabits per second (Mbps) streamed by Netflix members per ISP. We measure the speed via all available end user devices. For a small number of devices, we cannot calculate the exact bitrates and streaming via cellular networks is exempted from our measurements.

ISP Speed Index [Netflix via TV Tonight]

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    • They have been pretty consistent with their speed so far for me. I don’t agree about Optus being on top of that list though. Did they pay someone to get to the top of that list?

      • Yeah, but they have been saying they are number 1 on those ads.
        Here’s an example:
        July 2015 – For two consecutive months, the Netflix speed index has rated TPG number one in Australia.
        By June Optus was on top, and have been ever since

  • I’d like to know what happened between Dec 2015 and Jan 2016 that made the speed drop across all providers. It had been increasing steadily for most up til then.

  • whoever designed the colour scheme on the second chart should never be allowed to make them again.

  • They obviously don’t test Optus from my area on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Once upon a time Optus was great and whilst it is very rarely completely down, they are usually so slow these days that, at times, it’s useless. This was before wholesale uptake of Netflix/Stan/etc. so it’s worse now.

  • I think this is more a test of Netflix servers and internet connections than anything else. Right now I get a reliable 22-23Mb on SpeedTest to the US and Asia and 25Mb within Australia, but I only get 11Mb using Netflix’s Fast test. This is on a NBN fixed wireless connection

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