Valve Is Letting You Travel The World In VR (Sort Of)

Valve Is Letting You Travel The World In VR (Sort Of)

Travelling can be fun but it can also be incredibly expensive. Why not do it through virtual reality (VR)? Valve is releasing its Destination Workshop Tool, a VR content creation software that allows designers to create and share both real and imaginary worlds with the public.

With the VR hype in full swing, it was only a matter of time before someone brought out a viable way to transport yourself to another location through a headset. Valve’s new tool is in beta right now and it allows users to piece real-life photographs together to create a virtual “destination”. The company has provided some samples that people can experiment with as well. Alternatively, users can make worlds from their own imagination using 3D models.

Destinations Workshop tool includes the Source 2 toolset that is used by Valve internally. Scenes can be published to the Steam Workshop, Valve’s user-created content hub.

Interactivity within the VR destinations is limited, but the tool is still in its early days so we can only expect that capabilities to liven up the scenes will come later down the track.

Destinations can support any VR headset that has motion controls or a gamepad through OpenVR. You can find out more over at Valve’s Destinations Workshop Tool page on the Steam Store.

[Via Polygon/Steam Store]


  • Was pretty excited when I saw this popup on Reddit yesterday. Apparently the only downside at the moment is the need to subscribe/purchase imaging software to help stitch images together before importing into Destinations. More details can be found on Vive subreddit but I’m still keen to give this a whirl!

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