Thor ‘The Mountain’ Björnsson’s Top Five Power-Training Tips For Beginners

Thor “The Mountain” Björnsson is an Icelandic professional strong man and actor best known for popping people’s heads like grapefruits on the TV series Game Of Thrones. Björnsson was recently in Sydney to promote Sodastream and raise awareness about plastic bottle pollution in Australia. We asked Björnsson to share his top five power-training tips for beginners.

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Thor Björnsson is the granite face behind Sodastream’s Heavy Bubbles training regime. While ostensibly a spoof website, the campaign has a serious message behind it, with Sodastream looking to increase plastic bottle recycling in Australia via the Container Deposit Scheme.

As one of the strongest men in the known universe, we thought this was a good opportunity to get Thor to share his personal training tips for would be Mountains. In no particular order, here are his top five:

#1 Find a coach/instructor that suits you

“Having the right coach is so important and the best person for the job totally depends on your goals and how you want to reach them. Coaches can be good in so many different ways. You need to find one who can work to your level and whose coaching style you believe in. You need someone that will help you to push yourself in a way that works for you personally.”

#2 Recovery is king

“When training intensively, you need to make time to recover. You can go to hot yoga, do regular stretching and take cold and hot baths, which is something I do quite often.”

#3 Set regular, sensible goals

“You need to set goals that you believe in and can realistically reach. It also helps to write them down so you have something to work towards every day.”

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#4 Find a committed training partner

“For me, finding a good training partner that suits you is as useful as finding a good coach. I’ve had many training partners throughout my career and it’s been very important — a good partners will support you, encourage you to lift your game and let you know you’ve killed a session.”

#5 Stay hydrated

“When training hard you need to remember to drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated with water will help you to stay strong and healthy.”

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