Last Week’s Top Downloads

Last Week’s Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from last week.

Burner, the Disposable Phone Number App, Unveils a Chat Bot that Auto-Responds to Unwanted Texts

Whether it’s a bad date who won’t stop texting you or an annoying match on a dating site, Ghostbot can take care of it for automatically.

Gmelius Adds Tons of Scheduling, Snoozing, Tweaking, and Customisation Options to Gmail

Last Week’s Top Downloads

Chrome/Opera/Safari/Firefox (Beta): It’s been a while since we highlighted Gmelius, the add-on that cleans up Gmail’s interface and strips out ads. It’s grown since then, and now has features to send emails later on a schedule, snooze them, bundle in useful reminders, block email trackers, and more.

YakYak Is a Desktop Client for Hangouts with a Dark Mode, Notification Options, and More

Last Week’s Top Downloads

Windows/Mac/Linux: If you want a desktop version of Google Hangouts, youhave plentyof options, including an official option from Google, but the Google route doesn’t work super well and requires Chrome to run. YakYak is a desktop client for Hangouts that works like a regular desktop app.

VLC for Android Gets Picture-in-Picture Support, Video Playlists, and More

Last Week’s Top Downloads

Android: The Android version of VLC received a big update today, adding in a bunch of new features, including a picture-in-picture mode for tablets, playlists for videos, and lots more.

BitCam Is a Fun, Chunky, Low Resolution Camera for iPhone

Last Week’s Top Downloads

iPhone: We all know the iPhone can take great pictures. But what’s the fun in that? BitCam is a camera app that’s all about a pixelated retro feel.

Breathe for iPhone Walks You Through Breathing and Relaxation Exercises

iOS: Anyone struggling with stress understands that even a little time to relax can help a lot, and Breathe for iPhone is an app that walks you through simple breathing exercises to help you relax, de-stress, and find a little peace.

The Drops of Clarity Desktop

Last Week’s Top Downloads

Reader ravenclawwit is no stranger to our featured desktop series, and submitted this beautiful setup to our Desktop Showcase a few weeks ago. It looks great, from top to bottom, and is pretty heavily personalised. It also has a little secret.

BitTorrent Now Is a Music and Video Streaming App for Android and the Web, iOS on the Way

Last Week’s Top Downloads

Android/Web: BitTorrent has launched a new app for streaming media, BitTorrent Now. The app works something like a Netflix and Spotify combo by streaming both video and audio, but without label backing, the selection’s a bit limited.

Count It Is a Framerate Counter for Gaming On Your Mac

macOS: There’s a lot you can do to improve gaming performance on the Mac, but a lot of it starts with benchmarking your current performance. Count It is a framerate counter that can help you figure out what’s dragging your performance down, and what tweaks boost it.

XDA Labs Lets You Browse Forum Posts, Download Apps and Xposed Modules

Android: XDA has released a few versions of its apps over the years, but the recent ones are the most useful yet. With XDA Labs you can browse the forums, download apps, and peruse a library of Xposed modules.

Command Center Crams an iOS-Style Control Center Onto Your Mac

Last Week’s Top Downloads

Mac: If you’re a fan of the Control Center in iOS, then Command Center is a Mac app worth taking a look at. It jams a Control Center-esque interface on the side of your screen, complete with an Activity Monitor to boot.

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