The Easiest Way To Upgrade Crappy Petrol Station Coffee

The Easiest Way to Upgrade Crappy Gas Station Coffee

Try as you might, there will come a point on a long road trip where the only coffee available to you is watery petrol station coffee. You could buy an energy drink, or you could mix in a hot chocolate packet for something that actually tastes okay.

Photo by Terry Johnston.

Will it transform crappy coffee into a third wave latte? No. But it will turn your coffee-scented water into caffeinated, coffee-scented hot chocolate, which is much more palatable. Plus, you can pack your favourite packs of cocoa, giving you just a little more control over the taste of your very necessary caffeine.

Hack Your Way to Better Gas Station Coffee on Road Trips [Food 52]


    You forgot to edit all the Americianisms out of the story. "Gas station"? Really?

    Servos here have Espresso, not rancid 2 day old simmering brown water.
    not to say they're great, but in my experience, the Shell/Coles Express coffee is the best of the lot, and happens to be the cheapest too and $0.80

      Try making the hot chocolate with cappucino at Shell Express.

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