Staying Happy And Healthy At Work [Infographic]

Staying Happy And Healthy At Work [Infographic]

Health is very important, and even if you love your job, long hours grinding away can take a toll both mentally and physically. Bad posture can drain you even faster, especially for those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer. To help out, here are some tips to making it through Friday afternoon, as well as improve your office life overall.

Interestingly, the guide includes some health statistics, and no surprises, sitting too long has negative effects.

Keeping it simple, the guide goes on to mostly focuses on posture, and how it can impact health and energy.

Even though standing desks are a great alternative, but even they can cause problems if not used correctly.

Not everyone has a choice though, but even simply improving your seating position (especially for typing) can have a big impact.

Novelty is also good for keeping energized – try and break up repetitive and boring tasks.

You can also try looking for ways to lower stress – maybe it is time to ask the boss about bringing your dog to work.

Granted, sometimes you need to resort to other methods. A favorite way to maintain my mental health (or perhaps not), is endless Red Dwarf quotes to anyone who will appreciate them. What are your methods to stay sane, and healthy, at work?

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