Apple Online Services Experiencing Outages

Apple Online Services Experiencing Outages

Apple has had a busy morning trying to restore the availability of a handful of its online services to customers. Among the services that went down was the Apple App Store and some iCloud features are still offline. Here’s what you need to know.

A few hours ago, Apple Support’s Twitter account was bombarded by customers who said they were unable to access the company’s online services with some users reporting that they could not complete transactions on iTunes and the App Store. You can see on the Apple System Status page, as of 9am, a range of services have been listed as unavailable for some users, including: iCloud Backup, iCloud Drive, iCloud Notes, iCloud Storage Upgrades, iCloud Web Apps, iWork for iCloud, Mail Drop and Photos.

The problem is affecting customers around the world.

It appears Apple has resolved the issue with iTunes and the App Store but some users are still claiming they are having problems connecting to the services.

Apple is continuing to fix the problems. Keep an eye out on the Systems Status page if you’re unable to connect to any of Apple’s services.

[Via BetaNews]