AWS Outage Brings Down A Ton Of Websites Across Australia

AWS Outage Brings Down A Ton Of Websites Across Australia

Amazon Web Services (AWS) suffered an outage over the weekend, rendering websites and servers useless for hours. Here are the details.

On Sunday, the popular public cloud service reported connectivity issues at one of its availability zones. AWS hosts services for a number of large companies including content streaming providers Stan and Foxtel along with a variety of shopping and media sites. Services went down and customers reported that they were unable to access content and complete online shopping transactions.

Sydney experienced severe storms over the weekend, which could have contributed to the outage. The weather caused multiple floods and power outages across the NSW region.

This weekend also saw a technical failure that caused ATMs, Eftpos machines and online services to go down on Sunday night for Westpac, Commonwealth Bank and ME Bank although the outages were unrelated to AWS.

[Via SMH]


  • considering these ”once in a lifetime” weather events are now becoming a yearly thing, i think it’s important that we build a NBN that can withstand such conditions.. Not convinced a copper based solution will fare as well as a fibre based one when it comes to flooding.

    • To a degree if copper is properly installed it’s more robust than fibre.
      Properly installed being then down side.

    • The cloud is someone else’s computer. We tend to forget that. If we want redundancy you need to pay extra for it, or do it yourself. OwnCloud lets you run your own cloud on multiple servers, and services like SyncDocs backup Google Apps to keep data safe and available.

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