This DIY Workshop Cart Is Made From An Old Airline Beverage Cart

Video: Adam Savage, of Mythbusters fame, got a hold of a spare airline beverage cart, and what did he do with it? He turned it into a space-saving storage cart for some of his most oft-used supplies, of course. In this case it was an assortment of glues, but if you want to try it, you can keep whatever you like inside. The video above shows you how Adam built his portable glue transporter. He wanted a place to store and use his hot glue guns and other adhesives without them all dripping on his work surfaces, so the cart was the perfect solution, without being too large or unwieldy when it came time to move it around his workspace. When he doesn't need it, the cart slides between two other objects along the wall, or off to the side until it's needed.

Of course, airline food service carts are designed to stay put even if they're jostled around, and they're small enough to fit just about anywhere, considering where they have to go in the aisle of an aircraft. They're actually not that difficult to find online either, although they range from the "cheap for a garage workshop" to "ridiculously expensive", so shop carefully. The real takeaway here is even if you don't need a space for all your assorted adhesives, an airline food cart could make a great and storage-efficient addition to your small-space DIY workshop.

Adam Savage's Custom Glue and Paint Carts [Tested (YouTube)]

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    By far my most fav segment on tested is Adams 1 day builds. He has such a unique thought process and makes stuff ups so much fun.

    great... but how the hell do you get a hold of an airline trolley?

      I'd like to know too. Got a hackerspace that could really use 2-3 of these

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