Intel Is Introducing New Products Aimed At Small Business Owners

Intel Is Introducing New Products Aimed At Small Business Owners

Although having a dedicated IT department is either unfeasible or unnecessary for many small businesses, having simple, relevant IT solutions is often still important. Intel has been working on an IT solution called Intel Small Business Advantage which can simplify the IT demands of a business, and even put it in the hands of a single employee — without needing any special skills.

Intel Small Business Advantage is integrated into devices powered by the sixth generation of Intel’s Core processors. While Intel encourages small business owners to upgrade their devices to those with the sixth generation processors, you only have to make an initial investment in a single fleet to make Intel Small Business Advantage start working for you. It is supported by free companion apps and applications that can be downloaded across existing PCs and mobile devices (Windows, Android and iOS) to make them all work together as a system.

One of the more important solutions offered by Intel Small Business Advantage is its easy sharing and communication platforms. With the apps installed on employees’ mobile devices, users can make use of a built in chat function, as well as more complex sharing apps including easy cross device screen sharing and user-to-user file sharing. This enables both sharing of ideas and files in team meetings and allowing employees to work offsite by connecting a mobile phone or tablet to their desktop work computer remotely.

Another important feature for businesses without an IT division is security — Intel SBA “monitors critical software at the hardware level, alerting you if the software is compromised,” according to the information on Intel’s site. SBA is able to continue monitor operations across a business network to keep both data and devices secure, with a USB Blocker to prevent viruses from coming in and prevent unauthorised data from going out.

SBA is also able to automatically backup data, which can be run after hours instead of taking time from more important tasks. The system will also monitor when upgrades are needed on various devices.

Intel SBA is available on all devices with Intel’s sixth generation of Core processors.

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