Google App Engine Introduces Node.js In Beta

Google App Engine Introduces Node.js In Beta

Google has announced that it now supports Node.js runtime on Google App Engine. The new addition, which is still in beta, will facilitate easier development of web applications and mobile backends with JavaScript.

Google App Engine is a cloud service that allows developers to build and deploy web and mobile applications faster through the use of built-in tools and APIs on Google’s infrastructure. Support for Node.js on Google App Engine has been something that customers have been requesting for some time.

As part of the announcement, Google has also revealed it has formed a partnership with NodeSource for its tools to extend the capabilities of Node.js on the Google Cloud Platform.

Watch the video above to find out more about how to deploy Node.js apps on Google App Engine. Google has put together some handy how-to guides on this topic as well, which can be found here.

[Via Google Cloud Platform blog]

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