Dear Small Business Owners: Don't Forget To Declutter Your Digital Workspace

When you're busy running your own business, it's easy to let basic administrative tasks slide, including keeping your digital files in order. Before you know it, your computer desktop and random USB drives are riddled with odd files and folders that will take a long time to sort out. It's worth taking just a little bit of time per day to organise your digital assets. Here's how.

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Over at SMB blog Flying Solo, Debbie Eglin writes about the importance of enforcing a digital filing structure to stop digital files from going out of control:

I cannot tell you how many business owners think that having random files on their desktop, saved to their local computer drive or saved in randomly named folder is okay. Do you stuff all of your paper files, bills etc into a drawer and forget about them?   … Get your online files structured in a logical way and it will not only save you time now but even more so when it comes to recruiting a staff member or some offshore help. Then it will become invaluable.

Eglin recommends categorising files in clearly labelled folders. For example:

  • Business Plans
  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Financials
  • Marketing
  • Procedures
  • Templates

You should also include sub-folders within those folders as well, just be sure they make sense to your business.

You can read more on other basic administration tips over at Flying Solo.

[Via Flying Solo]


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