Communifire Is A Software That Can Help SMBs Set Up Intranets

Large corporations often use intranets to improve internal communications, collaboration and engagement among employees. But SMBs can benefit from having their own intranets as well. Software vendor Axero has launched a new version of its Communifire intranet software aimed at SMBs. Here are the details.

Image: From Axero website

Intranets are essentially internal networks that are only accessible by people within their respective organisations. Internal messages and documents can be distributed through the intranet and employees can communicate with each other there as well.

With Communifire 5.2, a subscription-based software, Axero has added a new page builder feature that helps SMBs create page layouts to design a pages for workers to access on their intranets using a drag-and-drop interface.

The vendor has also added gamification capabilities so users can earn badges as a reward for engaging on their intranet. Existing features such as chatrooms and instant messaging has been given a facelift.

You can find out more information on the features and pricing on Communifire 5.2 over at the Axero website.


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