You Can Now Get .Cloud For Your Domain Name

Cloud computing has really taken off in recent years and there are many businesses proudly boasting their cloud credentials. Now they can put it in their domain name.

Saying that your company is "in the cloud" is a sure-fire way to let others know that it’s a progressive organisation (or something). Why not include it in your web address so every time somebody visits your website so they will know just how committed you are to the cloud?

Okay, in all seriousness, the .cloud top level domain (TLD) is available and provides a good alternative for, .net and even .io, which has gain popularity in recent years. The .cloud top TLD was auctioned off in 2014 and was won by an Italian company called Aruba IT. It's a TLD that was in high demand at the time it was announced.

It is now being offered by a number of different domain name registars, including GoDaddy. I can get for around $30. Hmmm… tempting.

[Via Domain Name Wire]


    nerts. and are taken.

      yeah but "" is not. Buy Buy Buy!!!

      Edit: I take it back, it is now.

      Last edited 18/02/16 2:59 pm

    ...the .cloud top level domain (TLD) is available and provides a good alternative for

    Whoa there. What percentage of reputable businesses use something other than .com or I doubt it's over 2%. It's a struggle to get people to remember your domain name. Do you want to complicate things by having to have users guess your TLD as well?

    Last edited 18/02/16 12:50 pm

      I see all these new TLD's as a pure revenue raising exercise by ICANN. Few businesses really want extra TLD's, but they feel compelled to buy them just to stop someone else having them and any possible brand tarnishing that may result from their use.

        I literally bought [my company name].cloud this morning for that very reason.

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