Video Briefly: Toilet Paper Ice Sword, Disturbing Floating Orbs, Australia's Crappy Internet

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: A mighty sword made from toilet paper and ice, new Massive Attack video, a video that pokes fun at Australia's bad broadband.

  • Toilet paper combined with ice is strong enough to make a sword. You can learn how to make an awesome icy toilet paper sword here.
  • "Voodoo in My Blood" is the latest single off Massive Attack’s new EP and comes with a disturbing video clip. Watch it on Gizmodo Australia.
  • WiFi Swap is a parody that perfectly captures everything wrong with Australia's slow-arse internet. Watch it here.
  • Meet the most annoying Ken player in Street Fighter V over at Kotaku Australia.
  • Elektra appears in the new trailer for Daredevil season two. See it on Kotaku Australia


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