Microsoft Will Now Share More Details About What's In Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft Will Now Share More Details About What's in Windows 10 Updates

The perpetually updating OS Windows 10 can be something of a mystery. What exactly is in each new update and what will be changed on your computer? Microsoft is making updates a bit more transparent now with a dedicated Windows 10 update history site. The site lists key improvements in each update, along with their rollout date and identifier. Basically, you'll see what's improved and fixed, as well as new features introduced.

Currently, there are two updates listed on the update page, but Microsoft says this page will be regularly refreshed as new updates are released.

Whether you're an IT admin or just curious about what's in the latest Patch Tuesday update, here's where you'll find the basic update summaries.

Windows 10 update history [Windows via The Verge]


    You've always been able to look up what's in each update, they're always accompanied by a KB number that you can search for or enter manually by URL (eg. I'd be surprised if IT admins weren't already aware of this, but it's nice to have it in a centralised place for the average user to look at.

    I'm glad they seem to be giving better descriptions of what each update does / why it is needed.

    It was always frustrating before being told to install a 500MB update to fix a critical problem in a program or service I'd never used or even heard of.

    At least, that should give people some piece of mind, of what exactly is happening under the hood.

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