WhatsApp Voicemail Malware Strikes Again

WhatsApp Voicemail Malware Strikes Again

There have been several known cases of malware campaigns targeting users of the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp in the last few years. Yet another one has emerged which lures victims into downloading a virus by claiming they have a WhatsApp voicemail waiting for them. Here’s how to avoid falling for this latest scam.

Back in 2013, there was a scam doing the rounds which involved emails being sent that claimed to come from WhatsApp and that the target has a new voicemail. The email would prompt users to play the message by clicking on the “Play” button, which redirects to a URL where a Trojan virus file called TR/Kuluoz.A.27 would be downloaded. The Trojan will then try to steals passwords and sensitive data on the compromised device.

Similar email phishing scams involving WhatsApp have resurfaced since then and this time around nothing much has changed. Attackers are sending out these emails again so if you’re a WhatsApp user, be vigilant.

You should always exercise caution when you receive emails seemingly originating from legitimate organisations. Cybercriminals are getting smarter and email phishing scams can be incredibility convincing, using the same fonts and images from major companies.

In the case of this latest email scam, remember that WhatsApp will never contact you outside of the app itself. If you do receive any emails from WhatsApp, don’t open them and send them straight to the Delete folder.


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