Video Briefly: Exploding Hoverboards, A Master Mario Player, Angry Snoop, Firework Bonanza

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers: Exploding hoverboards, insane Mario 64 techniques, Snoop Dogg swears at flakey Xbox severs and mad scientist Colin Furze makes a giant spinning wheel of firewroks.

  • Hoverboards keep catching on fire, and it gets more entertaining ever time. Gizmodo has the video.
  • Super Mario 64 player pannenkoek2012 gives a fascinating behind the scenes look at some of the more advanced techniques used for speed runs and challenge videos.
  • @#$%ing wack. Snoop vents his frustrations with the Xbox servers.
  • Colin Furze is a genius cross madman. And now he has a giant wheel of fireworks strapped to a ute. Yeah it's awesome.
  • RIP Alan Rickman, you will be missed.


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