The Winter Cottage Desktop

The Winter Cottage Desktop

Reader Alec used a little Übersicht magic to make his mac a little more welcoming when he sits down to work, and informative when he gets up to leave it. Here's how he set everything up.

Übersicht is a helpful utility that we've highlighted before as a lightweight alternative to something heavier, like GeekTool. It's the backbone of this setup, but if you'd like to duplicate it yourself, here's everything you'll need:

Beyond that, Alec is running El Capitan's dark theme. With the pieces together, that's all there is to it. Of course, if you're having trouble with the setup, or looking for those specific Übersicht widgets and can't find them, head over to Alec's kinja post (linked below) to ask your questions and learn more about how he set everything up!

Winter Cottage Desktop [Alec]


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