Sophos Releases Free Antivirus For Windows Users

There's already a nice selection of free antivirus programs available for the discerning user, but it's hard to say no to a new entry. Sophos already has a free product available on OS X and it's recently dipped its toes into Windows' waters.

The question is, is it worth using over something like Avira or Avast? According to gHacks Martin Brinkmann, that all depends on how much control you like to have over your AV software. I'm feeling confident the answer that is "a lot".

Unfortunately, it appears Sophos Home requires you to use an online dashboard to configure it, once you get past the "cumbersome" installation that needs a Sophos account. It also installs a fair chunk of services too — eight in total.

If you don't mind these caveats, Sophos has a good track record in terms of actual protection, so at the very least you'll be well protected.

Sophos Home [Sophos, via gHacks]


    How do these free 3rd party products compare against the built-in MS Defender in WIN10?

    Been awhile since I tested them myself and am curious to know whether defender does a better job in WIN10

    Sounds a bit of a biased piece against Sophos. The setup was simple and dashboard is excellent for the 3 seconds you need to use it.

    I've been running Sophos for the last month or so now and converted many of my friends and family away from Avira and AVG due to their nagware and lackluster false positive rate.

    the writer is not being biased I tried this the other day first look at startup it has three programs that start with windows and are heavy and it does use a lot of memory and cpu is off the charts when scanning in todays world all that is not makes gdata light if they want to come close to being used they will have to be as small as webroot even Norton knows this and comodo all are becoming soon set and forget no anti virus is going to stop todays hackers unless they change there old signature detection ways because now all the big companies are getting hacked because they must rethink on security. todays hackers are more smarter and there actually showing us how bad security companies are, look at Kaspersky, AVG ,TrendMicro times have changed so the way on protecting the user must change the old way is simply not good enough

      You know what else doesn't use much memory or CPU? Punctuation.

        I actually held my breath reading that "sentence".

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