Sophos Adds Windows Phone 8 To Its Mobile Management Solution

Mobile device management is a relatively crowded market, but several of the current solutions focus largely on Android and iOS. Sophos has updated its Mobile Control software to version 3.5, adding the ability to control Windows Phone 8 devices as well.

As with any MDM, it pays to check the exact details to ensure the features you want are supported. For instance, Mobile Control offers support for BlackBerry management as well, but only in the on-premises version.

Microsoft is planning to add additional mobile management features to the core Windows Phone 8 platform, but that's not expected until next year, and its newly-announced reorganisation might impact that timetable.

Sophos sells Mobile Control both as on-premises software and as a service, and offers a free trial.



    If only they could write the update file so that it didn't cause the DB to fall over and leave me with an unusable SMC instance.

    Thank the flying spaghetti monster for VMWare Snapshots.

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