Hangouts 7.0 Adds Quick Reply And Home Screen Shortcuts For Contacts

Hangouts 7.0 Adds Quick Reply and Home Screen Shortcuts For Contacts

Android: Google's Hangouts app is a handy, if somewhat lacking messenger app. Now, it's getting quick replies and home screen shortcuts for specific contacts. Neat! The newest version of Hangouts (7.0) now allows you to open up a floating quick reply box directly from a Hangouts notification. If you use the stock Android Messenger application, this should look familiar to you. You can also now create a shortcut on your home screen that will take you to directly to the Hangouts conversation for that person. You can wait for the new version of Hangouts to rollout to your phone, or download the APK and sideload it yourself from APK Mirror here.

Hangouts v7.0 Is Rolling Out With Quick Reply, A Suspicious Google Messenger SMS Pop Up, And More [APK Download] [Android Police]


    So what's the deal? I opened up hangouts the other day and it prompted me to install another google messaging app but it seems to only manage SMS not hangouts as well? And then they do an update of hangouts? Where are they going with all of this?

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