Create A Holiday Budget With This Interactive Planner

Create A Holiday Budget With This Interactive Planner

From parties to gifts to travel, it’s time to start thinking about your holiday spending. And that means coming up with a budget. Clearpoint Credit Counseling makes it easy to plan your holiday spending with this interactive tool.

You start by entering your gross annual salary, and then the tool recommends how much you should spend on the holidays, total (they recommend 1.5% of your income). Then, you can adjust different budget categories, and the planner will tell you if you’re under or over your target amount.

After entering your amounts, the tool lets you add other spending details: a gift list, for example, or travel destinations with estimated costs. Once you enter as much (or as little) detail as you want, Clearpoint builds a printable budget that you can refer to throughout the holidays. Check it out at the link below.

Holiday Budget Planner [Clearpoint Credit Counseling]


  • I was confused by this at first, because I thought that Travel and Food would be the only categories that make sense when you go on a holiday (though gifts and parties might make sense if you’re visiting an old friend, and donations if it’s a missionary trip, though I’d hardly call that a holiday). I only just realised this is really about Christmas.

    • I had the same thing… can’t we just call it a Christmas Budget Planner or something in the title – I was thinking “I’m not spending only $x on a trip, airfares cost more than that!”

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