Old Versus New: See Just How Good Chrome's Improved RAM Usage Is

New features are great, but there's something to be said when a piece of software you use every day gets a few optimisations and performance tweaks. Such is the case with the latest version of Google Chrome, which supposedly does a better job of handling its memory usage. If you want to see exactly how better, this side-by-side video should help.

Google product manager Ryan Schoen fired up Chrome v43 and v45 and recorded their RAM usage with an active Gmail tab. By the end of the clip (which is speed up eight times), you can see that memory usage is down across the board, with the main process down to 167MB from 225MB, the GPU process rocking in at 54.6MB from 88.7MB and the Gmail tab is a relatively svelte 226MB, where in v43 it's 286MB.

So that's a 15-20 per cent reduction — a bit better than Google's proclaimed 10 per cent average, though I imagine with a variety of websites, extensions and other processes loaded, the figure would be closer to this.

Gmail Memory in Chrome 43 vs. 45 [YouTube, via gHacks]


    Can someone compare this to the same open tabs in firefox?

      Do. It. Yourself.

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