What's The Worst Home Improvement Disaster You've Had To Deal With?

What's the Worst Home Improvement Disaster You've Had to Deal With?

Few home improvement projects go as perfectly as planned, and sometimes they turn into expensive disasters. Whether it was a DIY project or you hired a contractor, come share your tale of woe with us.

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If anything, your story could warn future and current homeowners about the perils of home renovations — things to look out for and hopefully avoid. Or we can just commiserate together!


    Don't ever (unless you're a professional already) try and install your own fence because your wife tells you it's cheaper. It is cheaper and time saving to pay someone to remove your old timber fence and erect the new one. They take all the old shit to the tip for you, not 3 ute loads by yourself in the middle of summer. Turns out doing it this way is about the same price as paying a professional minus breaking your back.

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