Don’t Upgrade Your VAIO PC To Windows 10 Yet, Says Sony

Don’t Upgrade Your VAIO PC To Windows 10 Yet, Says Sony
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Attention owners of Sony VAIO PCs: hold off on the Windows 10 upgrades. Sony is strongly advising against upgrading until it has released updated information, drivers, applications and instructions. That might be a while away.

Screenshot from Sony VAIO Support Page

Sony no longer owns the VAIO brand after selling off the business in early 2014. It still provides support to various VAIO models that were sold when it owned the brand.

For Sony VAIO PCs that run Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, updated drivers and applications will be released in October and November, respectively. For machines running Windows 7, unfortunately Sony has no plans to update anything for that OS.

“To ensure your VAIO PC works with Windows 10, it is strongly recommended that you wait to upgrade your PC until the drivers are ready,” Sony said on it’s VAIO support page.

[Via Sony Support for VAIO PCs page]


  • Ahh crap, I just this arvo did that very thing!! Hopefully they will let LH know when they do update their shit! 🙂

    • Hiya!

      If you were on Windows 8, then they’re planning to release drivers in October. For Windows 8.1, it’s November. Windows 7… probably never.

      Hope this helps!

      • Thanks for that Panda! 🙂
        It’s my wifes lappy anyway, so so long as the WiFi works she’ll be happy.

        • Good luck, my partner did his Vaio running Win8.1 and it keeps crashing whenever the display drivers update themselves (which is really fast). “Sorry, something went wrong :(”

          He has had to restore it twice because he couldn’t get in quick enough to disable automatic updates. Hope yours works.

          • It’s possible that you can get these updates yourself? Intel or whomever may have them available.

  • So we therefore can update our VAIO laptop then given sony wont provide support for it because it came with windows 7 and we won’t get any better than that. (incidentally we spent the last 3 weeks trying to install W7 SP1 on it because that kept on failing, so at the moment it is a nice spanky clean system ready to go to windows 10….which we were waiting to see if drivers would release for it…may as well jump in the deep end now I guess)

  • I installed the Beta version months ago and have also upgraded to the full Win10 on release date on the VAIO and have tested this thoroughly and have no issues at all. All drivers including the VAIO menus are all working without issues.
    If it is a security issue then we may be in strife, but I am happy to wait until they release a statement to say that.

  • I upgraded my Vaio Pro 11 on launch day and haven’t looked backed. No issues as yet – been the smoothest upgrade to a new OS of any laptop I’ve owned. Might have been lucky as this was one of their more recent models, but even so it’s not all doom and gloom.

  • I upgraded my vpcse15fg with switchable graphics and everything worked except for the discrete graphics which refused to work 🙁

    Lucky I made a disk image before I upgraded

  • Sony sent the message that Windows 7 loaded Vaio laptops will be August (like now) has this changed? If Sony don’t support a 36 month old laptop it’s gonna be the end of my ever buying Sony again. Sure hope Sony picks this up on their radar.

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