Which University Degrees Chart To Higher Salaries?

Plenty of folk attend University for the glory of intellectual pursuits. Which degrees should you chase if what you're after instead is cold, hard cash?

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According to research from Graduate Careers Australia, there are specific degrees that you should look into if you're seeking a higher salary, based on the median starting salary for 2014 degree graduates under 25 in employment. Top of the tier is dentistry, followed by optometry, engineering, earth sciences and mathematics, which range from $60,000 to $75,000 in terms of median starting salaries.

Where does that leave computer science graduates? They're ranked in eighth place, along with paramedical studies, physical sciences and social work graduates with a median starting salary of $55,000.

It's worth noting, however, that this could swing upwards, given that there's apparently a shortage of CS graduates right now.

CHART: These are the uni degrees which get the highest paying jobs [Business Insider]


    What is the job market one for earth scientists and mathematics though? If the starting salaries are high but only one in five gets a job that's still not a great investment.

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