Watch The International Space Station Shoot Past Venus And Jupiter Tonight

For the second week in a row, Australians are about to be treated to a rare event in the night sky. In a little under an hour, the International Space Station [ISS] will be visible to the naked eye as it passes close to Venus and Jupiter. Here's what you need to know about watching this awe-inspiring occurrence.


At approximately 5:30pm AEST, the ISS will appear low in the north-western horizon. The space station, which is the brightest man-made object in the sky, will rise over Jupiter and then pass Venus, resembling a moving star.

This "journey" between planets will transpire in less than five minutes, so be sure to be in position at 5:30pm sharp. (Indeed, it will zip across the entire horizon in around seven minutes.)

This is the first time that the ISS will appear to pass Venus and Jupiter this closely since it was launched 17 years ago. The best vantage point will be Sydney, NSW. Grab your binoculars and hop outside!

You may then talk to strangers about the wonders of the universe, like these guys:

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