Find English-Speaking Hotels And Restaurants In Paris With This App

Find English-Speaking Hotels and Restaurants in Paris With This App

Android/iOS: If you're a tourist in Paris, you should learn as much French as you can and make an attempt to speak the language. However, a little respite is nice, and this free app helps you find it. "Yes I speak touriste" helps tourists in Paris find establishments that speak their native tongue.

Released by the city's chamber of commerce, the app works for nine different languages: Arabic, German, American/British English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese/Brazilian and Russian.

You set your preferred language, and the app maps nearby hotels, restaurants and other stores that speak that language. There's no registration required.

The app is available for iPhone and Android devices, but you can also check out businesses for each of those nine languages on their website. If you're planing a trip to Paris, give it a try at the link below.

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    The front desk staff at any half-decent hotel in central Paris will speak English. Given the nature of their clientele and need to attact tourism, they'd be foolish not to. Whether they like it or not, English is the lingua franca (interesting irony there) internationally now. And chances are the desk staff won't be French natives anyway.

    Some French people still stick to the snobbery that tourists visiting Paris should speak their language. And will pretend not to speak any English despite often being fluent. They'll usually relent though if you open with a simple "Bonjour, ça va" and then switch to English.

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