The Secret To Perfectly Grilled Fish: Mayonnaise

The Secret To Perfectly Grilled Fish: Mayonnaise

Grilled fish is a great meal any time, but it takes some effort to keep it from overcooking or sticking. A coating of a little mayonnaise on the fish makes it easy to get it just right.

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If the fish sticks to your grill, it will fall apart and essentially be ruined. Kelli Dunn at The Kitchn recommends a simple way to avoid that:

An essential step to keep fish — both fillets and whole — from sticking to the grill is making sure it’s coated with a layer of fat. While you can use cooking oil, like canola or olive oil, there’s another kitchen staple I like to use: mayonnaise. Brush a coating over both sides, then season the fish before placing it on the grill.

There are a couple other ways to keep fish from sticking — using a wood plank or even a bed of sliced lemons — but the mayonnaise sticks to the fish better than other fats will and it also keeps the fish tender and juicy. If you don’t like mayo, there’s no need to worry. The mayonnaise flavour and texture isn’t noticeable after you’re done grilling. So if you like to grill fish, you might want to pick up some mayonnaise just for this.

A Little Tip for Successful Grilled Fish [The Kitchn]


  • Oh, *PLEASE* do not encourage people to add a known allergen not usually paired with fish, to fish, in a hidden way. That’s simply DANGEROUS, because people won’t expect it or realise what happened after the fact when they get sick.

    I’m allergic to egg and this could cause me to spend the next 24 hours in the toilet with diarrhoea, and thinking that I must’ve eaten bad fish!!!

    Can I neg an entire article?

      But really this seems like a tip for people who regularly eat grilled fish not people worried about allergens.

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