Microsoft Is Investing In More Undersea Cables For Azure, Except In Australia

Cloud computing relies on high-speed connections, and when you're moving large chunks of data around the higher the speed the better. So it's no surprise that Microsoft has been investing in undersea cabling to connect its Auzre data centres around the world.

Underwater picture from Shutterstock

Microsoft's investments include cable links from North America to Ireland and the UK, and from the United States to Asia via the New Cross Pacific (NCP) cable. NCP will connect a site in Oregon to Chongming, Nanhui and Lingang on the China mainland, as well as South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

Absent from that list are the Australian data centres in Sydney and Melbourne which Microsoft launched last year. That's not entirely surprising though — customers using the Australian centres are relying on geo-redundancy between the two cities and don't necessarily want their data to go offshore.

Microsoft Invests in Subsea Cables to Connect Datacenters Globally [Azure Blog]


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