Watch Kermit The Frog Explain How To Tap Into Everyday Creativity

Watch Kermit The Frog Explain How To Tap Into Everyday Creativity

We often assume that creativity is something only artists need. However, as notable artist, producer and amphibian Kermit the Frog explains, keeping your mind open to accept and play with different ideas can improve anyone’s work.

In a talk given at TEDx in Mississippi, Kermit explains how creativity affects every aspect of everyday life. Everyone from janitors to scientists can use a creative boost to make their lives a little better. Even if your job doesn’t allow creative thought to flow freely, having a different perspective on a problem can give you the insight to solve it. Creativity isn’t limited to painting or playing music. As Kermit himself says, sometimes creativity can be as simple as allowing yourself to take advice from a talking frog:

Creativity is all about making us take a fresh look at the world by showing us some unusual perspective. You know? For instance, I mean think about it. What’s happening right now? You’re all sitting here listening to me, a talking amphibian. That alone is a rather radical act of creativity. It’s what I like to call a ‘conspiracy of craziness’. We all decided to accept the premise, suspend our disbelief, and just enjoy the ride. To me, that conspiracy of craziness, and that freedom of thought, well, that’s what being creative is all about.

Creativity isn’t just a category of skills that specific industries need. The ability to come up with solutions that are non-obvious or different than expected is becoming increasingly essential as our society becomes more connected. No matter the problem you’re working on, a dozen people could probably come up with the obvious solution. Being creative and figuring out a solution that no one else thought of, or having a unique voice that can’t be replicated will only get more important. Which means embracing your inner creativity is essential to any job.

The creative act of listening to a talking frog | Kermit The Frog [YouTube]

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