Turn IKEA Cubes Into A Rustic Apothecary Chest

Turn IKEA Cubes Into A Rustic Apothecary Chest

If you didn’t see the before pictures you’d probably never guess that the rustic apothecary chest on the right was actually made from a basic IKEA bookcase. What a transformation.

Corey Decker on Sawdust 2 Stitches walks you through this makeover. Besides some wood pieces, stain, drawer pulls and hinges, all you need are decent carpentry skills.

Those are faux drawer fronts, by the way (you won’t be making 32 little boxes). They’re actually two doors that open up to reveal the space behind:

Hit up the link below for the full instructions to create your own Pottery Barn-esq chest out of a ho-hum console.

IKEA Cubbies into a Rustic Apothecary [Sawdust 2 Stitches via Curbly]


  • I don’t get this article. I was expecting to see how to turn the IKEA thing into the quality rustic thing. But “all you need is decent carpentry skills” kind of nulls and voids the whole point doesn’t it? Who the hell has decent carpentry skills and a workshop to go with it? Nobody. Move along, nothing to see here.

    • Agreed. Article should be called: “Put fake drawer doors on a cabinet”. Nowhere near as interesting as the title suggests.

    • FFS. How else would you change one piece of furniture into another piece of furniture, something that looks completely different, without using some carpentry – by magic…?

  • If you can assemble Ikea furniture then you have enough skill to operate some hand tools. Junior high school kids can cut wood. Also if you are chasing rustic then it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight.
    I would prefer to make lots of tiny drawers though.

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