These Are The Toughest IT Roles To Fill In Australia

Wondering which area of IT to specialise in? A study by job ads site indeed has identified the advertised vacancies which remain unfilled after 90 days or more, providing a pointer to the area where skills are lacking.

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“Although unemployment is rising, there is a set of jobs that are increasingly remaining chronically unfilled, and the biggest of these is in the IT and software industry,” Indeed senior vice president Paul D’Arcy told Lifehacker. “What we’re seeing is in Australia is you have two very separate labour markets. You have a set of high demand, very specialised roles most of which require scientific and technical skills, and those skills are in very high demand.”

Right now, the most difficult IT role to fill in Australia appears to be quality assurance engineers. 9.2% of those roles don’t get filled within three months of being advertised.

Here are the 20 most difficult to fill roles and the percentage that remain unfilled after 90 days.

# Role Unfilled after 90 days
1 Actuaries 10.10%
2 First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Non-Retail Sales Workers 9.40%
3 Sales Representatives, Services, All Other 9.20%
4 Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers 8.90%
5 Sales Engineers 8.90%
6 Sales and Related Workers, All Other 8.80%
7 Management Analysts 8.70%
8 Computer Software Engineers, Applications 8.50%
9 Network and Computer Systems Administrators 8.40%
10 Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts 8.30%
11 Personal Financial Advisors 18.60%
12 Travel Agents 13.60%
13 Accountants and Auditors 12.70%
14 Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Agents 13.00%
15 Computer Systems Analysts 12.30%
16 Training and Development Specialists 11.40%
17 Sales Managers 11.20%
18 Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks 10.90%
19 Human Resources Managers 10.90%
20 Computer and Information Systems Managers 10.70%

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