Sometimes An Unreasonable Boss Is Helping You Challenge Yourself

Sometimes An Unreasonable Boss Is Helping You Challenge Yourself
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If you’ve had a job, you’ve probably had a manager who asks too much of you. You have limited resources, but they want more than you can handle. Sure, they’re difficult — but they might be helping you increase your skills.

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The Muse shares some ideas on how to cope with a boss who asks too much. The first thing suggestion is to “Do an Insecurity Check” and see if there’s a good reason for what seems to be bad behaviour:

If your boss is pushing you to do more and you’re feeling overwhelmed, first ask yourself why. Is it because you really can’t do the work? Or is it because it’s something new that you’re not too comfortable with yet?

Figuring out where the stress is coming from is a good first step. And if you discover the real reason for your anxiety is simply insecurity or inexperience, give yourself a chance and take your best shot.

If the problem isn’t your insecurity, you’ll need to deal with the problem. Check out the link for tips on how to deal with a manager’s unrealistic expectations.

Reality Check: How to Handle Unrealistic Expectations From Your Boss [The Muse]


  • “Sometimes An Unreasonable Boss Is Helping You Challenge Yourself”

    But most times he’s just screwing you in the arse.

    Can we have a rest from these corporatist, boss-loving US articles?

  • Asking an employee to do more than they can handle to the extent that they question their self-worth is workplace bullying. Call your union.

    • Are you serious.. workplace bullying for asking a lazy-ass employee to do their job?

      If fewer Australian’s felt less entitled to get paid to do as least work as possible for as much money as possible, we might have a fighting chance of becoming a successful country.

      More over, employee’s might actually derive some satisfaction from doing an honest days work – and actually achieving something beyond their own expectations of themselves.

      Wake up.

      (by the way, that Dilbert comic – classic!)

      • Two way road. There are probably as many lazy people as bosses that think they can make the impossible a reality if they just yell enough.

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